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What is getting in the way of work and how to enhance the adaptability of businesses and their executives?
By delivering unique, case-by-case solutions leveraging knowledge, innovation, accumulated experience and research data findings, we promote growth.



Capitalising on the crosscutting impacts of emerging technologies and the exciting capabilities they represent, we use big data analytics to uncover the hidden patterns, correlations and also to give insights so as to make proper, speedy business decisions.

Our holistic approach comes from a hive of business executives with proven experience and know-how across many industries and multinational companies.



We take a partnership approach, to encourage and ensure the growth of entrepreneurship. Through our professional expertise cross industries and sectors, we guide and support our clients so that they can make a difference in our complex world.
We endeavor to forge relationships that stand the test of time.
Our contribution to the business environment reaches far beyond data; our insights allow our clients to innovatively provide products and services to people safer, faster, more environmentally friendly and cost efficient than before.
We aim to build an innovative, sustainable future for business.



Integrity in data management driven by innovation and simplification.
Respect and trust in human abilities: passionately focusing on EQ & empathy.
Consistently striving for sustainable competition, by building collaboration among sectors and intercompany tiers.
Accountable for creative & unexpected solutions designed for an uncertain environment.

What is ΕΠΙ3

Entrepreneurial Scientific Committee consisting of well-known Academics, Market executives & Researchers

Promoting Creative Entrepreneurship & Competition
Development of Innovative Tools & Innovation
Offer to the economic / social environment: Tackling financial literacy, empowering SMEs and locality as a cradle of social cohesion and diversity

Giannis Golemis

Giannis Golemis

FMCGs Non-Food, Coaching

Antonis  Gortzis

Antonis Gortzis

Business Ethics

Nikos  Diamantopoulos

Nikos Diamantopoulos

Intl FMCG & Retail Food & Beverages

Giorgos  Zeritis

Giorgos Zeritis

International Scale-up Specialist.

Thanassis  Ziliaskopoulos

Thanassis Ziliaskopoulos

Academic, Supply chain

Maria  Karaklioumi

Maria Karaklioumi

Data Analyst, Political Scientist

Vaggelis  Tsogkas

Vaggelis Tsogkas

Communications, PR

Maria Mpoura

Maria Mpoura

Strategy, Marketing & Communications

Stefanos  Komninos

Stefanos Komninos

Market Analysis, Retail

Dimitris  Kontos

Dimitris Kontos


Moschos  Korasidis

Moschos Korasidis

Agricultural production

Dimitris  Koronaios

Dimitris Koronaios


Giorgos  Loizidis

Giorgos Loizidis

Logistics, Ware House Mgmt

Giorgos  Nikolaidis

Giorgos Nikolaidis

Retail network & HORECA

Thanasis Kelemis

Thanasis Kelemis

Academic, E- commerce

Giorgos  Rokkas

Giorgos Rokkas

Advisory, Hotel, Sports

Larry  Sakellariou

Larry Sakellariou

Coaching Cosmetics industry

Giannis  Siampanis

Giannis Siampanis

Mentoring FMCGs food

Giannis Economidis

Giannis Economidis


George Papageorgakopoulos

George Papageorgakopoulos

Research & Business Planning

Spyros  Stefanou

Spyros Stefanou

Learning & development Trainer | Coach

Dimitris  Vintzilaios

Dimitris Vintzilaios


Andreas  Skyrlas

Andreas Skyrlas


Florents  Tselai

Florents Tselai

Data Strategist & Engineer

Panagiotis  Tsiligiannis

Panagiotis Tsiligiannis

Communications specialist

Giannis  Tsonis

Giannis Tsonis

Coaching, FMCGs Food & Drinks

Petros Chanis

Petros Chanis


Clio  Christopoulou

Clio Christopoulou

Marketing, NPD, NBD

Kostas  Chrysikopoulos

Kostas Chrysikopoulos


Kostas  Intounas

Kostas Intounas

Academic, Marketing

Anna Natar

Anna Natar

HR Specialist

Giannis Rovis

Giannis Rovis

Digital Transformation Consultant

Michalis Mikropoulos

Michalis Mikropoulos

Strategy, Marketing

Nick Sourdis

Nick Sourdis

CFO, Accounting & Tax Expert

Fotis Antonopoulos

Fotis Antonopoulos

E-commerce consultant

Alexandros Gkagkalnas

Alexandros Gkagkalnas

Life & Sales Coaching


What is ΕΠΙ3 mission?

Tackling financial illiteracy
Empowering SMEs and locality as a means of social cohesion and diversity
Promotion of Creative Entrepreneurship & Competition
Development of Innovative Tools & Innovation

What does it stand for?

Its name derives from the first 3 letters of all 3 words “Scientific Committee on Entrepreneurship” which in Greek is 3 times EPI
It is an advanced collaborative environment for the most effective organization
of a team of key Scientists / Experts around Entrepreneurship

How does it work?

It is coordinated by a three-member body
Interoperates with the help of a dedicated online platform with project teams
It works with institutions such as universities, public bodies and NGOs for the same purpose

How is it linked to Netrino?

It is supported organizationally and financially by Netrino
It offers Netrino a scientific direction to promote sustainable competitive entrepreneurship

How are the companies chosen?

By filling a request for ΕΠΙ3 support
In partnership with incubators / startup funds

Does ΕΠΙ3 manage funds and if so how?

In collaboration with financial institutions as well as individuals funding is planned

Behind the Story

Of all particles with mass, neutrinos are the most abundant in nature, yet some of the least interactive. Roughly a thousand trillion of them pass harmlessly through our body every second. 

In fact, it is the feeble interaction of neutrinos with matter that makes them uniquely valuable as astronomical messengers. And that - in a way - we feel is also our own contribution to Greek business!

Expert advisors

Years of accumulated knowledge

Nr of Companies supported

Fields of expertise


What is Netrino legal form?

Private Equity Company (IKE)
Provides full publicity to shareholders, affiliates and third parties (via GEMI)
Works with complete duplicate accounting system
It allows it to easily evolve as it develops and acquires new partners


Who is behind Netrino?

Its Valuable Partners: Researchers, Trainers, Mentors etc.
Permanent employees
Managed by Stefanos Komninos, George Papageorgakopoulos,
Affiliated with partner companies specializing in matters outside its scope

What is Netrino commercial activity?

The services provided are included in five main pillars: 
Route to Market – Business transformation – Human Resources – Corporate image – Supply chain & operations.
A strong marketing & communications plan will promote / market them to your customers.
The required services will be implemented by Netrino executives (internal / external partners) or partner companies, members of the ecosystem.
The pricelist is highly competitive (given the expertise), with a fee agreed on a consistent basis.
A specific holistic business support framework is designed with an annual charge for a specific number / time of service.


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